Saturday, April 5, 2008

Here's to friendship!

I've been lucky in life to have the greatest friends. The kind that make the tears stream down your face with laughter and the kind that are there for you when the tears are real. Yeah yeah, that sounds schmaltze but you know what I mean..... when a parent dies, when you you have a health scare, when the vending machine is out of Milky Ways. Most of us have been there.

Now I find myself with a whole new set of online friends, many that I suspect I'll be friends with for years to come. How great is that? I'd name you all but what if I accidently forgot someone. That would be hideous. Anyway this is a tribute to friends and a few pics of a few of mine.

Thats me on the left with Debbie, Vicki and Hoffer.

Yeah, me on the left again and yeah, I know, I'm holding another beer. My eyes look goofy. Thats because in the original photo I had my eyes shut so I stole Debbies eyes. Creepy huh? I'm with Debbie, Carol and Cindy in a bar in Salem.

I couldn't talk about friends without mentioning Trisha. This is an old pic. This was taken on a funny day. We went to the racetrack, smoked cigars and drank Martini's.

Here's to old friends.... new friends.... and the friends that make you wish you were wearing Depends!