Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Getting to Know My City

I have some friends coming to visit me and my city, Philadelphia, for the first time next month. Now Philly is rich with historic sites and touristy things to do but like most people here I haven't done many of them since I was on a school trip in elementarty school, if ever. Here is a cool place I went to see last week.

Eastern State Penitentiary

This place opened in 1839 and housed some pretty famous criminals including Al Capone and bank robber Willie Sutton. The craziest story I heard that day is about a dog named Pep that was given a life sentence for killing the governor's wife's beloved cat. The cutest black lab but even in his mugshot (yep, he had a mugshot) he looked guilty as sin.

For more information on this totally cool but spooky place check out http://www.easternstate.org/

Who knew there was such an interesting spot right here in Philly!


AltheaP said...

How spooky and wonderful! Your photos are really gorgeous, Chauncey.

Alis said...

Great post Chauncey. Poor little doggie!
You are so right about all the great things on our doorsteps that we rarely look at. I was gathering info for a friend of mine and was stunned with how much there was to do where I live.
Here is to getting out there ;0)

Beth said...

Love this post. Your photos really capture the prison and its ghostly atmosphere.
Great to see you blogging!! Something I neglect also.

Precious Quilts said...

Oh so true! You never get to see or learn about these interesting sites until visitors arrive.

I loved your photography and wish you would do more. You have captured the ghosts of the past beautifully in these two shots!

joonbeam said...

Chaunce, your blog looks fabby. Great update. I love your photos and your feature, too. It reminds me of the Duck Tour we shared in BeanTown. I always wanted to do that and you all coming to see us inspired all the locals. What a lovely and happy memory for us all. Here's to good times and tourist attractions with your friends. ox joonie girl

The Filigree Garden said...

The blog's new face is wonderful, and your pictures are fantastic!

Jean Levert Hood said...

These are great photos, Chauncey! Love the story about Pep!

Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry said...

Great Posting, Great Blog, & Really Great Photos!
BTW Love your banner!!

Brett Ward said...

Well darn, Janine said exactly what I was going to say! pffft!!!
Spooky....and such breathtaking photos. Really Chauncey, you need to get these up for sale!!!